Why Accurate Leasing?

Why Choose Accurate Leasing for Equipment Leasing and more in Canada?

A leasing company should provide equipment leasing that makes sense…

An outright purchase by cash or credit may seem fine, but it may cost you more in the long run. Finance only the useful life of the equipment because it is the use, not the immediate ownership, that is important.


  • The most competitive lease rates are available.
  • Quick turnaround on lease applications, with a high approval rate.
  • Prompt completion of the lease transaction.

Take Advantage

of our unique capabilities and experienced professionals to help you maximize your profits. Need to arrange a lease now? Apply now or call your local Accurate Account Manager

Why Lease With Accurate?

You will be in good hands with Accurate Leasing, your trusted partner for Lease Financing. Together, we can help increase your opportunities in this growing marketplace.

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