Basics for Leasing and Financing Information in Canada

Become a Vendor — Offering Equipment and Vehicle Leasing in Canada

Give Your Customers the Option to Lease Your Equipment!!

Accurate Leasing works with you and your staff to maximize your customer opportunities by offering equipment and vehicle leasing in Canada. We provide training on how to use the “Accurate Leasing Program” by removing the mysteries of leasing. We provide approval, and you can invoice us directly. For more info, contact our leasing company today!

With a 90% + Application Approval Ratio, you can expect to increase sales.

You can also expect a Quick Application Turnaround, allowing you and your customer to get on with other businesses.

Our Excellent Rates allow you to offer competitive low monthly payments. The low monthly payment enhances your image to your customer by offering them the best financial advantage.

Why Choose Accurate Leasing?


High Approval Ratio

Easy, Simple, Secure

Competitive Rates

Quick Turn Around

Customized Dealer Lease Program

Our Prompt Payment to you makes us like a cash customer, eliminating the need to offer special terms or additional discounts for cash. Increase your cash flow with fewer receivables, bad debts, or collection problems.

With over a century of combined experience in credit and leasing our Professional Consultants are available for client meetings. Recommend us with confidence knowing we will conduct ourselves in a professional manner, while looking after you and your clients’ best interest without wasting valuable time. Our flexibility allows you to determine how much or how little of the lease process you want us to handle.

Our Powerful P.O.P. Materials can be the silent sales person in your show room, help your customers know low monthly payments are available as a valuable option.

Combine your ideas with our knowledge to create a Customized Dealer Lease Program that’s right for your company and your customers.

Our Low Contract Conditioning makes it easy for your clients to do business with us by not imposing excessive conditions and restrictions on them. We’ll keep you (and your clients) informed throughout the entire lease process.

Make lease financing work for you.

The Accurate Leasing Program Provides Important Benefits to You and Your Customer…

  • High Approval Ratio
  • Easy, Simple, Secure Way of Initiating the Lease
  • Competitive Rates
  • Quick Application and Payment Turn Around
  • Complete Confidentiality for You and Your Customer
  • Fewer Receivables

The Process is Simple…

  • The client applies for a lease by using one of our quick, easy and accessible methods, including this website, fax or by simply calling us toll free at (800) 595-1477.
  • After Accurate Leasing approves, completes and accepts the lease agreement, you can simply deliver and invoice us for the equipment.
  • Accurate Leasing pays you within days.

Get us working for you now! To speak with an Account Representative call (800) 595-1477.